We Create Emotional, Distinctive And Connective Advantages.

At The Blake Project, we believe that brand leadership is established through deep emotional connection.
Reason leads to conclusions.
Emotions lead to action.
While love is an emotion, for brands it must be an action. The same is true for your brand, B2C or B2B.

With that in mind The Blake Project builds emotional advantages by helping our clients better understand how emotions drive customer behavior and making those insights actionable in their marketplace and within their organizations. Our process is uniquely designed to uncover, activate and build emotional connections that move people to action.

The pathway to brand growth begins with the truth.

When a brand is in possession of the truth it has a clear and realistic view of itself based on the perceptions of the people that matter most to its future.
Our researchers will help you hear the private voice that will put you in possession of the truth — good and bad, known and hidden — the insights gained through our approach to research will help create the deep meaning your brand must stand for to earn a place in the future.

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Stakeholder Interviews, Brand Audits,
Brand Equity Measurement
Emotional Connection Measurement,
Depth Insight Groups
To be different is to not be the same.
To be unique is to be one of a kind.
We believe that the power of businesses and brands lies in focus. Defining your focus requires an honest assessment of the value you create or wish to create in the world. Our process starts at the core and moves outward, considering what the world would miss if your offering ceased to exist. What competes or conflicts with its reason for being and if that is in alignment with what your customers want you to change in their world. We consider the context in which you must compete. The result is business, brand and growth strategies that will define your unique value and drive all business and brand decisions with clarity and confidence.
The pathway to a distinctive advantage begins with knowing what you stand for and stand against.

Working with The Blake Project we will help you define each and move your brand from easy to compare to beyond compare.

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Mission, Vision, Values, Purpose, Positioning
Architecture, Culture, Growth, Story
Leading brands are built
from the inside out.
We believe that a key component to a brand's success lies in forging a connective advantage, that is a rich culture that people feel they belong to and that they actively advocate to others.

Powerful brand cultures be they internal or external are built from the interaction of a range of elements:

  • A strong sense of purpose, emanating from your mission, vision and values, that helps you build brand equity by enabling your brand to stand for an idea that people want to celebrate every day
  • Clear storylines that give the brand a unified sense of direction, but that can also be segmented by audience
  • Experiences that bring people together and enable them to share being part of the community
Through this lens we arrive at actionable decisions on building a powerful brand culture you and your people can believe in. We help you identify and implement the internal changes needed to establish a new understanding of your brand that you can use to propel effective change from the inside-out.

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