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Accelerating Brand Growth.

Releasing The Full Potential
Of Vision 2030

The Blake Project accelerates brand growth by helping our clients better understand how
emotions drive customer behavior and making those insights actionable in their marketplace and within their organizations.

Our process is uniquely designed to build and activate your customers' emotional connection to your brand, resulting in uncommon loyalty and new levels of growth.

Our clients come to us for our expertise in brand strategy, communication strategy, marketing strategy as well as brand and market research.

Based in Riyadh,
The Blake Project Saudi Arabia helps brands and businesses in all stages of development realize a more competitive and valuable future.

As the regions premier brand consulting firm, we are Vision 2030 growth partners, creating new value and increasing existing value with proven tools and techniques for overcoming complex challenges and building marketplace advantages.

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A wide range of diverse brands and businesses in Saudi Arabia have chosen The Blake Project to help change their growth trajectory for a more competitive and valuable future.
40 brand research, strategy and digital experts drive optimal client outcomes and build meaningful client relationships.
30 Clients in the Middle-East trust
The Blake Project to help them achieve new levels of growth.
We are the 1st brand consultancy in the Middle-East to specialize in building
deep emotional connections.
Leadership Team
Mishal Alqasim
Alqasim is Managaing Partner of The Blake Project, Saudi Arabia. He brings more than ten years of experience working with more than 40 government entities, and is the founder of the Saudi Projects media platform and Masheed Company. Alqasim was a key team member who established the Etimad platform that organizes government financial services. He also worked in Royal Court, government, and private sectors as a media consultant. In 2020, He published a book that focuses on critical and creative thinking. He holds a bachelor's degree in engineering from Arizona State University.
Zohair Alghamdi
Alghamdi is the head of strategic solutions. He brings more than fifteen years of experience in management, marketing, communication, sales, and media. He has experience leading projects in several sectors including industrial, retail, nonprofit, media, and education. He holds a bachelor's degree in marketing from The University of South Florida.
Abdulaziz Alyousef
Alyousef is the Executive Vice President of Media Solutions. He brings deep expertise in media, communication, and management.
He has worked on various media projects and campaigns for major public and private entities such as the Red Sea, Qiddiya, Public Investment Fund, etc. Additionally, Alyousef provides training courses and lectures to government employees. He holds a bachelor and master degree in business from the University of Akron.

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Businesses and brands in all stages of growth trust The Blake Project to help them define and articulate what makes them competitive and valuable.
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